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At EHC-Translation, we understand language is but one among many elements which make a translation successful. Specialised knowledge, respect for the client’s demands and recognizing the exact purpose of texts are at least as important. That is why our job consists in the first place of listening to what you want: to whom do you want to reach out, why do you want to have your text translated and what defines a ‘good translation’ for you and your targeted audience? Indeed, it is one thing to write a linguistic masterpiece, but for a translation to be truly successful, our clients need to be happy with it.

We undertake to deliver tailor-made translations at competitive rates.

Some reasons to choose EHC Translation

Respect for your source documents

Much care and thought has preceded the lay-out of your text. That is why we will always do everything possible to transfer your layout as faithfully as possible to the translation.

Close cooperation with you, the customer

Of course this does not mean that we are going to bother you with every specialized word we encounter! However, if the source text shows ambiguous meanings, we will not start to "guess”. That is why we would rather ask you for clarification instead of committing an error in your translation.

Respect for your terminology

Often your customers or employees are already familiar with a number of terms that are ubiquitous within your company. That is why you can always add a list of these terms and your preferred translation to your source text.

Consistency in updates

Texts are often updated. That is why we always take the translation of the original into account when translating updates so that your customers and employees can always count on consistent and clear language

Immediate answer

We understand that you call on a translation agency to save time. That is why we give you our guarantee that we will respond to every request within the hour. This way you do not have to waste time waiting for an answer and we can get started as soon as possible to help you.

Transparent rates

Our rates are calculated based on the number of words in your source document. This way, you only need to look at the quote to see how we have reached a certain amount. Of course, identical repetitions (same sentence, same context) are also taken into account. Our rates per word depend on the degree of specialisation and the language combination. We also grant bulk discounts for large orders. Contact us without any obligations to receive a quote and see for yourself.

Clarity about the duration

A good translation unfortunately takes time. That is why we have stipulated that every member of our translation team must be able to process an average of 3000 words per working day. Of course, this pace also depends on the type of text you wish to translate and on our other current assignments. Contact us for a detailed estimate of the price and delivery time.

Free Quote

Would you like more information about our rates? Send us the document(s) you would like to have translated and we will provide you with a tailor-made quotation without any obligation, so you know the costs of your translation assignment in advance..

Contact us for more information:: or +32 495 33 25 25

About EHC Translation

EHC-Translation was founded on the philosophy that translation is not a trade of its own. Instead, it is a melting pot of many different disciplines. For example, your smart phone’s manual was (hopefully) translated by a language specialist who also has a flair for technical descriptions of such devices…


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